ChainGPT’s ICO (CGPT) is in the spotlight. Why’s that? 

ChainGPT’s ICO (CGPT) is in the spotlight. Why’s that?

Defi space offers many interesting projects, and ChainGPT is one of them. Blockchain technology changed the world, and more and more people acknowledge that. For many investors and traders, Defi became the synonym for the future financial world. After all, it offers excellent features and tools, along with an opportunity to achieve success faster than in traditional finance. That’s not true for all Defi platforms, though, but as in every industry, you have to choose the enterprises you wish to invest very carefully in the crypto world, as well. There are many scam companies that are experts in draining investors of their funds. You don’t want to become one of the victims, especially considering that it’s virtually impossible to return those funds in such cases.

But let’s return to our project. ChainGPT is relatively new in the markets, but it has already attracted investors’ attention. That’s not an easy feat, considering the mindboggling number of new projects littering the Defi space. Developers create new tokens daily. Frankly, it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Nonetheless, ChainGPT has some characteristics that make it stand out among similar platforms. This project uses AI technologies, along with the power of blockchain.

The team designed an advanced AI model specifically for its platform. It works splendidly for topics related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Moreover, ChainGPT plans to use the latest, most advanced algorithms, along with high-speed computing capabilities. Thanks to the latter, the company will be able to address various issues plaguing the Defi space.

Besides, some people have a harder time learning how to navigate the crypto world than others. This platform will help with that too. Its users will quickly and easily obtain all information and knowledge they require.

What are the platform’s advantages? 

This platform will offer customers many unique features. The team designed it for individuals and developers, as well as large and small businesses. It believes that ChainGPT will soon become an essential tool for all users in the Defi space.

The project is quite well-diversified. It will provide information about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but that’s not its only goal. The platform will also offer a smart-contract auditor, no-code smart contract generator, code-to-words, code debugger, chart analysis and technical analysis, and documentation creator. Furthermore, among ChainGPT features are blockchain analytics, source of news, on-chain live data, and AML features. The team plans to develop more over time.

In fact, the company aims to create the most advanced AI model worldwide. In addition, the customers will be able to apply ChainGPT to unlimited use cases. The team is working on SDK & API services currently. The latter will enable creators to develop new apps powered by this blockchain. They can also integrate their applications into existing ones.

What about the CGPT token? 

Most Defi projects rely on their native utility tokens. ChainGPT isn’t an exception. The ChainGPT team created an ERC20 token – CGPT, that is quite high-ranking on various ICO listing platforms. Users will need this token to gain access to various AI tools and products offered by the ChainGPT platform. This coin is crucial for the latter’s ecosystem.

ChainGPT plans to launch the ICO sale on March 20, 2023. The CGPT ICO will end on March 23, 2023. 1 CGPT will trade for 0.005 USD at this stage. However, the token’s value might increase after the initial coin offering ends. The team aims to raise $500,000 during this time. The available supply of tokens is 19% of the total supply of 1,000,000,000. The platform will accept USDT in exchange for CGPT.

Furthermore, the team announced that it would create AI Chatbot. This will be an innovative feature created specifically for Defi technologies. It will act as a conversational assistant powered by AI. Thanks to it, customers will be able to finish various tasks. That includes no-code smart-contract programming, market analysis, debugging, trading, guidance, and more. The company has already launched the beta version, which is free.

 Dev Assist is another great tool. This open-source browser extension will aid customers in comprehending smart-contract interactions and how they work. The company noted that this tool visually represents the code, as well as its various workings. Thus, it will make it easier for developers and creators with little experience to understand how these contracts work.

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