DeSantis rips Newsom in California speech, says state ‘hemorrhaging population’ to Florida
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently took a jab at California Governor Gavin Newsom during a speech in California, stating that the state is hemorrhaging population to Florida. DeSantis, who has been a vocal critic of Newsom's policies, highlighted the stark differences between the two states and why Florida is becoming a more attractive destination for many Americans. One of the main reasons why people are leaving California is the high cost of living. The state has some of the highest taxes in the country, and the cost of housing is astronomical. In contrast, Florida has no state income tax and a much lower cost of living. This makes it an attractive destination for people looking to save money and improve their quality of life. DeSantis also pointed out that Florida has a much more business-friendly environment than California. The state has been actively courting businesses to relocate to Florida, offering tax incentives and other benefits to companies that choose to set up shop there. This has led to a surge in job growth and economic development in the state, which is another reason why people are flocking to Florida. Another factor that is driving people away from California is the state's strict COVID-19 restrictions. Newsom has been criticized for his handling of the pandemic, with many people feeling that his policies have been too restrictive and have hurt businesses and the economy. In contrast, DeSantis has taken a more hands-off approach, allowing businesses to remain open and giving people the freedom to make their own decisions about how to protect themselves from the virus. Overall, DeSantis' speech highlights the growing divide between California and Florida. While California has long been seen as a beacon of progressivism and innovation, it is now struggling to keep up with other states that are offering more attractive opportunities for businesses and individuals. As more and more people leave California for greener pastures, it remains to be seen whether Newsom will be able to turn things around and keep the state competitive in the years to come.