DeSantis says Putin is ‘a war criminal’ in Piers Morgan interview
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made headlines once again, this time for his comments on Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview with Piers Morgan. DeSantis did not hold back, calling Putin a war criminal and criticizing former President Barack Obama for not taking a stronger stance against Russia during his time in office. DeSantis, who is known for his conservative views and close ties to former President Donald Trump, has been a vocal critic of Russia and its leader. In the interview with Morgan, he expressed his belief that Putin is responsible for a number of atrocities, including the annexation of Crimea and the poisoning of political opponents. Putin is a war criminal, DeSantis said. He's somebody who has invaded other countries, he's somebody who has killed political opponents, he's somebody who has used chemical weapons against people. This is not somebody who should be treated as a normal leader. DeSantis also took aim at Obama, accusing him of being too soft on Russia during his presidency. I think Obama was very weak on Russia, he said. He didn't do enough to push back against their aggression, and I think that's something that we're paying the price for now. The comments from DeSantis come at a time when tensions between the United States and Russia are high. The two countries have been at odds over a number of issues, including Russia's involvement in the conflict in Syria and its alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. DeSantis has been mentioned as a potential presidential candidate in 2024, and his strong stance on Russia is likely to appeal to many conservative voters. However, his comments have also drawn criticism from some who believe that his rhetoric is too aggressive and could lead to further escalation of tensions between the two countries. Regardless of the reaction to his comments, DeSantis has made it clear that he will not back down from his stance on Russia. I think it's important that we stand up to these bullies, he said. We can't let them get away with this kind of behavior.