DeSantis touts his potential to beat Biden if he runs for president: ‘I think he’s failed the country’
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been making headlines recently for his potential presidential run in 2024. In a recent interview with Fox News, DeSantis touted his ability to beat President Joe Biden, stating that he believes Biden has failed the country. DeSantis has been a rising star in the Republican Party, gaining popularity for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida. He has been praised for his efforts to keep businesses open and schools in-person, while also prioritizing the state's elderly population for vaccinations. In the interview, DeSantis criticized Biden's handling of the pandemic, stating that he has been inconsistent in his messaging and has failed to provide clear guidance to the American people. He also criticized Biden's immigration policies, stating that they have led to a crisis at the southern border. DeSantis has been a vocal opponent of Biden's policies, particularly when it comes to vaccine mandates. He has signed an executive order banning vaccine mandates in Florida, stating that he believes it is a personal choice and that the government should not be mandating medical decisions. Despite his popularity among Republicans, DeSantis has faced criticism from Democrats and some public health experts for his handling of the pandemic. Florida has been hit hard by the Delta variant, with hospitals overwhelmed and a high number of deaths. DeSantis has defended his approach, stating that he believes in individual freedom and that people should be able to make their own decisions about their health. He has also criticized the media for what he sees as biased coverage of his policies. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, it remains to be seen whether DeSantis will run and whether he will be able to beat Biden. But one thing is clear: he is a rising star in the Republican Party and a potential contender for the presidency.