GOP erupts after Americans missing in Mexico: ‘Cartels couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime than’ Biden
The recent news of Americans missing in Mexico has caused an uproar among the GOP, with many blaming President Biden for the situation. The missing Americans were reportedly on a road trip in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas when they disappeared. Tamaulipas is known for its high levels of violence and drug trafficking, and many believe that the Americans may have been kidnapped by a drug cartel. The GOP has been quick to blame President Biden for the situation, claiming that his policies have emboldened the cartels and made it easier for them to operate. They argue that Biden's decision to halt construction of the border wall and his more lenient approach to immigration have created a situation where the cartels can operate with impunity. Cartels couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime than Joe Biden, said Republican Senator Tom Cotton. His open borders policies have made it easier for them to traffic drugs and people across the border, and now we're seeing the consequences of that. Other Republicans have echoed Cotton's sentiments, with many calling for a tougher stance on Mexico and the cartels. Some have even suggested that the US should consider military intervention in Mexico to combat the cartels. However, many experts argue that blaming Biden for the situation is misguided. They point out that the cartels have been operating in Mexico for decades, and that the US has been unable to stop them despite years of efforts. They also note that the missing Americans were likely targeted because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, rather than because of any specific policy decisions made by the Biden administration. The idea that Biden is somehow responsible for this is absurd, said David Shirk, a professor at the University of San Diego who studies drug trafficking in Mexico. The cartels have been operating in Tamaulipas for years, and they're not going to stop just because of a change in US policy. Despite these arguments, the GOP has continued to blame Biden for the situation. They argue that his policies have made the US less safe and that he needs to take a tougher stance on Mexico and the cartels. It remains to be seen how the situation will be resolved, and whether the missing Americans will be found. However, one thing is clear: the issue has become a political football, with both sides using it to score points against each other. Whether this will lead to any meaningful change in policy remains to be seen.