Graham slams soft-on-crime Bragg for targeting Trump while New Yorkers ‘lucky’ not to get ‘mugged’
New York City has been a hotbed of controversy in recent years, with crime rates soaring and politicians struggling to find solutions. However, the latest controversy to hit the city is not related to crime, but rather to the city's new district attorney, Alvin Bragg. Bragg, who was elected as Manhattan's district attorney in November 2021, has come under fire from former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, and Senator Lindsey Graham for his decision to target former President Donald Trump. Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina, criticized Bragg for focusing on Trump while New Yorkers are lucky not to get mugged. In a tweet, Graham wrote, New York City is lucky not to get mugged these days, but the new DA is more interested in going after Trump than protecting the people. Soft-on-crime policies have consequences. Graham's comments come after Bragg announced that he would be investigating Trump's business dealings in New York City. Bragg's office has also said that it will no longer prosecute low-level offenses such as prostitution, drug possession, and trespassing. Giuliani, who served as New York City's mayor from 1994 to 2001, also criticized Bragg's decision to target Trump. In an interview with Fox News, Giuliani said, This is a political prosecution. This is not a criminal prosecution. This is a political prosecution of a former president of the United States. Bragg has defended his decision to investigate Trump, saying that he is simply following the law. We are not targeting anyone. We are following the evidence and the law, Bragg said in a statement. Bragg's decision to stop prosecuting low-level offenses has also been met with criticism. Some have argued that this will lead to an increase in crime in the city. However, Bragg has said that his office will still prosecute violent crimes and other serious offenses. New York City has been grappling with a rise in crime in recent years, with shootings and homicides reaching record levels in 2020. The city has also been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many businesses closing and residents struggling to make ends meet. As Bragg takes office, he faces a daunting task of balancing the need for justice with the need for reform. His decisions will have a significant impact on the city's future, and he will need to work closely with law enforcement, community leaders, and elected officials to find solutions to the city's problems.