Here’ why the Elixirr share price just went vertical
The Elixirr share price has been on a steady rise over the past few months, but it just went vertical. The company's shares jumped by over 20% in a single day, leaving investors wondering what caused this sudden surge. There are several reasons why the Elixirr share price has gone vertical. Firstly, the company recently announced its full-year results for 2020, which showed a significant increase in revenue and profits. Elixirr's revenue grew by 42% to £36.4 million, while its pre-tax profits rose by 53% to £10.5 million. This impressive performance is a testament to the company's resilience and ability to adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Secondly, Elixirr has been expanding its operations and entering new markets. The company recently opened an office in Sydney, Australia, which will serve as its base for operations in the Asia-Pacific region. This move is part of Elixirr's strategy to become a global consulting firm and tap into new markets. Thirdly, Elixirr has been attracting top talent to its team. The company recently hired several senior executives from leading consulting firms, including McKinsey and Accenture. These hires bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Elixirr, which will help the company to continue growing and delivering value to its clients. Finally, Elixirr has been investing in technology and innovation. The company has developed several proprietary tools and platforms that help its consultants to deliver better results for clients. For example, Elixirr's Digital Discovery platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data and identify opportunities for improvement. In conclusion, the Elixirr share price has gone vertical for several reasons, including the company's strong financial performance, expansion into new markets, hiring of top talent, and investment in technology and innovation. These factors bode well for the company's future growth and success, and investors are taking notice.