Nikki Haley Torches ‘Sexist Middle-Aged CNN’ Anchor Don Lemon
Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, recently took to Twitter to call out CNN anchor Don Lemon for his alleged sexist behavior towards her. In a scathing tweet, Haley accused Lemon of being a sexist middle-aged CNN anchor who was disrespectful towards her during a recent interview. The interview in question took place on CNN's Don Lemon Tonight show, where Haley was promoting her new book, With All Due Respect. According to Haley, Lemon repeatedly interrupted her and tried to steer the conversation towards topics that were not related to her book. Haley also accused Lemon of being dismissive of her accomplishments, saying that he rolled his eyes when she mentioned her tenure as the governor of South Carolina. She also claimed that Lemon was more interested in discussing her personal life than her professional achievements. Haley's tweet quickly went viral, with many people expressing their support for her and condemning Lemon's alleged behavior. Some even called for Lemon to apologize to Haley for his actions. Lemon has not yet responded to Haley's accusations, but this is not the first time he has been accused of being sexist towards his female guests. In 2018, he faced backlash for laughing and joking with a panel of male guests while a female guest was trying to speak. The incident has once again brought attention to the issue of sexism in the media, particularly towards women in positions of power. Many women in politics and other male-dominated fields have spoken out about the challenges they face when dealing with sexist attitudes and behavior. Haley's decision to call out Lemon on social media has also sparked a larger conversation about the role of social media in holding public figures accountable for their actions. While some have criticized Haley for using Twitter to air her grievances, others have praised her for speaking out and refusing to tolerate sexist behavior. Regardless of the outcome of this particular incident, it is clear that the issue of sexism in the media is one that needs to be addressed. As more women continue to break barriers and achieve success in traditionally male-dominated fields, it is important that they are treated with the same respect and professionalism as their male counterparts.