Pence says ‘Trump was wrong’ for Jan 6 handling, ‘history will hold’ him ‘accountable’
On June 4th, former Vice President Mike Pence made headlines when he spoke out about former President Donald Trump's handling of the January 6th Capitol riot. In a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, Pence stated that Trump was wrong for his actions leading up to and during the insurrection, and that history will hold him accountable. This is a significant departure from Pence's previous stance on the matter. In the immediate aftermath of the riot, Pence was criticized for not doing more to stop it, and he was notably absent from Trump's second impeachment trial. However, in his recent speech, Pence made it clear that he believes Trump bears responsibility for the events of January 6th. Pence's comments are likely to be seen as a turning point in the ongoing debate over the Capitol riot. While many Republicans have sought to downplay the severity of the attack or shift blame onto other actors, Pence's words suggest that at least some members of the party are willing to hold Trump accountable for his role in inciting the violence. Of course, it remains to be seen what impact Pence's speech will have on the broader political landscape. Trump himself has already dismissed the comments, calling Pence a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and suggesting that he is trying to curry favor with the media. And while some Republicans may be swayed by Pence's words, others are likely to continue to defend Trump and his actions. Regardless of the immediate fallout, however, Pence's speech is a reminder that the events of January 6th are still very much a live issue in American politics. As the country continues to grapple with the aftermath of the riot, it is clear that there are still many questions to be answered and many debates to be had. And as Pence's comments suggest, the ultimate verdict on Trump's handling of the situation may not be fully settled for some time to come.