Rome takes new measures to reverse the city’s decline

Rome takes new measures to reverse the city’s decline

Rome is one of the ancient cities. It’s well-known for its culture and unique buildings, so much so that thousands of tourists visit it over the year. However, the city is slowly declining, and the government fears that its restoration will be no easy feat. It’s currently employing new measures to preserve this beautiful, lively, and disorganized city that has won the hearts of so many people.

Despite the steady flow of tourists, Rome suffered some hard times over the last several years, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, which seriously damaged the tourism sector. Decreasing investments also contributed to the economic recession. However, the government directed state and private funds toward developing Italy’s capital. The authorities are planning a series of major events, and they want to renovate the city before launching them. According to officials, those events could easily overwhelm Rome if they launch them in current conditions.

Why is the city’s restoration so crucial? 

Rome has approximately 2.8 million residents. These people wholly depend on the city for their income. However, the government highlighted that the capital’s economic health is relevant for the country itself, given that its metropolitan area typically generates over 9% of the national output.

In September, the country will host the Ryder Cup competition. Europe’s best golfers will meet their U.S. counterparts. This event is staged near Rome, and it will attract many visitors. Moreover, in 2025, Rome will have an influx of tourists. The authorities anticipate approximately 30 million visitors for the Holy Year. Roman Catholics usually visit Rome in this period to gain indulgences.

The country scheduled an extraordinary Holy Year for 2033, as well. That date marks the 2,000th anniversary of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. The city officials hope that the EXPO world fair scheduled in 2030 will be successful, as it needs funds for planned restorations.

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