Slower US stock as investors await main economic data

Slower US stock as investors await main economic data

The US stock futures have slowed down somewhat while traders review statements from the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and wait for the main employment data.

Dow Jones industrial medium futures retreated by 45 points or 0.14%.
S&P 500 dropped by 0.33%
NASDAQ-100 futures experienced a 0.5% drop.

These actions occurred a day after Powell told lawmakers that the central bank might raise interest rates. However, it was particularly emphasized that the conclusion of the March meeting is not yet finalized.

Investors will receive much more reference to the situation of the economy on Friday when the US government publishes its monthly vacancy statistics. Economists interviewed by Dow Jones will add 226,000 jobs to the US economy in February.

The global economy is more stable, which will inflate the sticker and develop the terminal rate of the central bankers. Inflation has fallen but is nowhere near the 2% target of the Fed, so there is a lot of work to strengthen and develop the economy.

BJ and are going to make a profit on Thursday. Investors will also look at and study the report on unemployment claims.

ADP announced that private salary costs increased by 243,000 more than expected. This is the strength of the economy, which causes concern that the rates will be in a longer interval.

European markets drop

European markets are lower as investors reacted to statements from the US Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell.

The pan-Europe Stoxx index dropped by 0.4%.

Powell repeated his warning message to lawmakers that the central bank could raise interest rates.

The Dutch government preceded the export restrictions on the leading semiconductor production after political pressure from the United States.

Food and drink stocks have posted pragmatic gains of more than 0.25%.

Luxury fashion house Hugo Boss is bracing for sales to reduce the average percentage due to the current macroeconomic and geopolitical imbalance. Sales jumped 28% and reached 3 billion euros, with a target of €3.67 billion by 2022. The group expects its operating profit to rise by 5-12% in 2023, following a 46% jump in 2022.

Daniel Greder, who took the helm in June 2021, led the rebranding that the company unveiled in October.

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