Soros family helped push Manhattan DA Bragg into power
The recent election of Alvin Bragg as the Manhattan District Attorney has been the talk of the town. Many have been wondering how a relatively unknown candidate managed to win the race against more established opponents. The answer, it seems, lies in the support of the Soros family. George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist and political activist, has been known to support progressive candidates and causes. His Open Society Foundations have been instrumental in funding various social justice initiatives around the world. In the case of the Manhattan DA race, Soros and his family members reportedly donated over $1 million to Bragg's campaign. But it's not just the money that helped Bragg win. Soros and his family members also provided strategic support and guidance to the candidate. According to reports, Soros' son, Alexander Soros, played a key role in Bragg's campaign, serving as a fundraiser and advisor. Alexander Soros is also a board member of the Open Society Foundations. The Soros family's support for Bragg is not surprising, given his progressive platform. Bragg has promised to end cash bail, reduce the number of people in jail, and hold police officers accountable for misconduct. These are all issues that align with the Soros family's values and priorities. However, not everyone is happy about the Soros family's involvement in the Manhattan DA race. Some have accused them of trying to buy the election and exert undue influence over the criminal justice system. Critics argue that Soros' support for progressive candidates is part of a larger agenda to undermine law and order and promote a radical leftist agenda. Despite the controversy, Bragg's victory is a significant milestone for criminal justice reform in New York City. He is the first Black person to be elected as Manhattan DA, and his progressive platform has the potential to bring about real change in the criminal justice system. Whether or not the Soros family played a decisive role in his victory, their support for Bragg is a testament to the power of money and influence in politics.