Trump indictment: Eric, Donald Trump Jr blast ‘third-world prosecutorial misconduct’
On Wednesday, the Manhattan district attorney's office announced that it had indicted the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, on charges of tax fraud and grand larceny. The indictment alleges that the Trump Organization and Weisselberg engaged in a scheme to avoid paying taxes on compensation paid to Weisselberg and other executives. The news of the indictment was met with swift condemnation from former President Donald Trump's sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. In a joint statement, the brothers blasted the indictment as third-world prosecutorial misconduct and accused the district attorney's office of engaging in a politically motivated witch hunt. This is not justice, this is politics, the statement read. The district attorney's office is targeting our family because of our political beliefs and our association with our father. This is a blatant attempt to silence us and to punish us for our support of President Trump. The Trump Organization also released a statement denying the charges and accusing the district attorney's office of using shoddy and dishonest tactics to bring the indictment. The Trump Organization has done nothing wrong, the statement read. We have always acted in accordance with the law and we will fight these baseless charges with every legal means at our disposal. The indictment is the latest legal trouble for the Trump Organization, which has been under investigation by the Manhattan district attorney's office for several years. The investigation began as a probe into hush money payments made to women who claimed to have had affairs with Donald Trump, but has since expanded to include a wide range of financial and business dealings. The indictment of the Trump Organization and Weisselberg is also seen as a potential precursor to further charges against the former president himself. While Trump has not been charged with any crimes, legal experts say that the indictment of his company and CFO could be used as leverage to pressure him to cooperate with investigators. The indictment is also likely to have political implications, as it comes at a time when Trump is considering a run for president in 2024. The charges could damage his reputation and make it more difficult for him to win over voters. Despite the backlash from the Trump family and the Trump Organization, legal experts say that the indictment is a significant development in the investigation and could lead to further charges down the line. This is a serious indictment and it shows that the district attorney's office is not afraid to go after powerful people and organizations, said legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. It's a reminder that no one is above the law.