UK consumer inflation jumped to 10.2%, putting pressure on BoE
The UK consumer inflation rate has surged to 10.2%, the highest level in over a decade, putting immense pressure on the Bank of England (BoE) to take action to curb rising prices. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the inflation rate has risen sharply from 4.2% in April to 10.2% in May, driven by a surge in energy prices, food costs, and supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic. The BoE has been under pressure to raise interest rates to tackle inflation, but it has so far resisted such a move, citing the need to support the economic recovery from the pandemic. However, the latest inflation figures have raised concerns that the central bank may have to act sooner rather than later to prevent inflation from spiraling out of control. The BoE's mandate is to keep inflation at 2%, but it has been above this target for several months now. The bank has said that it expects inflation to peak at around 4% later this year before falling back to its target level in the medium term. However, some economists are warning that inflation could remain elevated for longer than expected, especially if supply chain disruptions persist and energy prices continue to rise. The BoE has several tools at its disposal to tackle inflation, including raising interest rates, reducing its asset purchase program, and tightening lending standards. However, any action by the central bank could have a significant impact on the economy, which is still recovering from the pandemic. Higher interest rates could lead to a slowdown in consumer spending and investment, while tighter lending standards could make it harder for businesses to access credit. The government is also under pressure to take action to address rising prices, with some calling for a cut in VAT or other measures to support consumers. In the meantime, consumers are feeling the pinch of rising prices, with many struggling to make ends meet. The latest inflation figures are a stark reminder of the challenges facing the UK economy as it emerges from the pandemic, and the need for policymakers to take action to support growth while keeping inflation under control.