What’s happening with RH shares in extended hours?
RH, formerly known as Restoration Hardware, is a luxury home furnishings retailer that has been making waves in the stock market lately. The company's shares have been on a rollercoaster ride in extended hours trading, leaving investors wondering what's going on. RH's extended hours trading is the period of time after the regular trading hours have ended, where investors can continue to buy and sell shares. This period is typically less liquid than regular trading hours, which can lead to more volatility in the stock price. Recently, RH's extended hours trading has been particularly active. On June 9th, the company's shares jumped by over 10% in after-hours trading following the release of its first-quarter earnings report. The report showed that RH's revenue had increased by 78% year-over-year, beating analysts' expectations. However, the stock price quickly fell back down in the following days, as investors began to worry about the company's future growth prospects. RH's CEO, Gary Friedman, had previously warned that the company's growth rate would slow down in the second half of the year, which caused some investors to sell off their shares. Despite this, RH's extended hours trading has remained active, with the stock price continuing to fluctuate. Some investors are optimistic about the company's future, citing its strong brand and high-end products as reasons for continued growth. Others are more cautious, pointing to the company's high valuation and potential for increased competition in the luxury home furnishings market. Overall, RH's extended hours trading is a reflection of the uncertainty and volatility that currently exists in the stock market. Investors should be prepared for continued fluctuations in the stock price, and should carefully consider their investment strategies before buying or selling RH shares.