WI’s Protasiewicz, Kelly face off in most expensive Supreme Court race in US history
Wisconsin's Protasiewicz, Kelly Face Off in Most Expensive Supreme Court Race in US History The race for Wisconsin's Supreme Court has become the most expensive in US history, with incumbent Justice Daniel Kelly and challenger Jill Karofsky raising a combined $6 million. However, the race has become more than just a battle for the state's highest court, as it has become a proxy war between Republicans and Democrats. Justice Kelly was appointed to the court by Republican Governor Scott Walker in 2016 and has since been endorsed by President Donald Trump. He has been a staunch conservative on the court, often siding with business interests and against labor unions. His campaign has been heavily funded by conservative groups, including the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, which has spent over $1 million on ads supporting him. Challenger Jill Karofsky, a Dane County Circuit Court judge, has been endorsed by the state's Democratic Party and has campaigned on a platform of fairness and justice for all. She has criticized Justice Kelly for his ties to conservative groups and for his record on the court. Her campaign has been funded by labor unions and progressive groups, including the Wisconsin Education Association Council and the Democratic Attorneys General Association. The race has become a battleground for both parties, with Republicans hoping to maintain their majority on the court and Democrats hoping to flip it. The outcome of the race could have significant implications for the state, as the court has the power to strike down laws passed by the legislature and governor. The high cost of the race has also raised concerns about the influence of money in politics. Wisconsin has no limits on campaign contributions, and outside groups are free to spend unlimited amounts on ads and other forms of support. This has led to a flood of money pouring into the state, with both sides spending heavily on TV ads, mailers, and other forms of outreach. Despite the high cost of the race, both candidates have pledged to remain independent and impartial on the court. Justice Kelly has said that he will continue to uphold the law and protect the rights of all Wisconsinites, while Judge Karofsky has promised to be a fair and impartial judge who will uphold the Constitution and protect the rights of all citizens. The race for Wisconsin's Supreme Court has become a high-stakes battle between Republicans and Democrats, with both sides pouring millions of dollars into the campaign. The outcome of the race could have significant implications for the state, and for the role of money in politics. Regardless of who wins, the race has highlighted the importance of an independent and impartial judiciary, free from the influence of outside interests.