“5 Canadian Companies With Flying High Helium Stocks in 2023
In 2023, the future for helium stocks is looking quite promising for Canadian-based companies due to the increasing need for helium for various industrial and medical applications. With the rise in demand, investors are continually interested in investing in the burgeoning helium sector. The Canadian helium market consists of five major corporations that are showing the most promise right now and which are poised to grow even further in the next few years. The first Canadian helium stock to look out for is Gildan Yarns Inc. Founded in 1984, Gildan has become a world leader in the production of cotton apparel, as well as the production of specialty yarns. The company is also a research and development leader in the helium industry and produces premium helium-rich products. In recent years, Gildan’s helium stock has grown substantially as a result of the global demand for helium. The second Canadian helium stock to look out for is LAC Minerals Ltd. This company is one of Canada’s largest mineral producers, specializing in the extraction of precious metals from Canada’s natural resources. An increasing demand for helium has meant that LAC has had to invest heavily in the growing helium market, resulting in strong performances from LAC’s helium stock over the past few years. The third Canadian helium stock to watch is Arc Energy Inc. Arc is a Canadian oil and gas company that has made a big push into the helium market. With extensive experience in the extraction of crude oil, Arc has invested heavily in the review and development of helium-rich assets. The resulting production capacity has enabled Arc to become one of the top producers in the Canadian helium sector. The fourth Canadian helium stock to watch is Pembina Pipeline Corporation. Pembina is a key player in the Canadian energy sector and a major distributor of natural gas and crude oil. As part of its strategy to become a leading player in the helium market, Pembina has invested heavily in R&D and has made a strong presence in the sector. The fifth and final Canadian helium stock to watch is Athabasca Oil Corporation. This is a major exploration and production company that has invested heavily in the development of helium-rich assets. Athabasca has emerged as one of the leading producers of helium in Canada and its stock has reflected these positive gains. As the market for helium continues to grow, so will its demand. Helium stocks, such as those from these five major Canadian companies, are expected to continue their positive growth in the coming years, as the global helium demand continues to increase. Investors looking to capitalize on these opportunities should consider investing in these five stocks.