“Alaska Airlines Scores Big with $1.9 Billion Hawaiian Airlines Deal
Alaska Airlines has just announced a historic $1.9 billion agreement to buy Hawaiian Airlines. This marks the largest airline merger since 2008 and the first time two large carriers have merged since the American Airlines and US Airways merger in 2013. The agreement, which is slated to close in 2022, is subject to customary closing conditions and government approval. It will make Alaska Airlines the fifth-largest airline in the US, and potentially expand the reach of Hawaii’s premier airline. Alaska Airlines is already a major presence in the US and these latest developments will only further strengthen their position. Hawaii as a destination is already incredibly popular among vacationers and this acquisition will guarantee that Hawaii-bound travelers will have more options from across the US. This could lead to an increase in Hawaiian tourism and an upgrade to the infrastructure at Hawaii’s many airports. Alaska Airlines has a track record of success: The company recently announced its 16th consecutive year of profitability and has claimed the title of “Best Airline” for five years in a row. With the purchase of Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska's focus remains the same: delivering an exceptional experience to their customers. The companies will merge under the Alaska Airlines’ branding in the future. With this, passengers will gain more access to a larger list of destinations both within the US and abroad. For Hawaiian Airlines, the merger will lead to increased resources and a larger customer reach. This could mean more flights to more destinations, as well as better customer service and more perks and rewards for loyal customers. The Alaska Airlines-Hawaiian Airlines merger is just the latest example of how the airline industry is changing and growing. This new development will have far-reaching consequences and could potentially benefit travelers from all over.