“Biden Amping Up International Connections at U.N. Assembly!
Today marks a historic moment in international relations as President Joe Biden is set to address the United Nations General Assembly in an effort to bolster alliances around the world. The address is being highly anticipated by world leaders and foreign diplomats alike, as Biden plans to emphasize new approaches to global cooperation and the importance of developing relations between nations. The address is part of a longer initiative to restore United States diplomatic relations with allied nations that were somewhat strained during the Trump presidency. President Biden has already begun addressing the global challenges presented and made a strong case for international collaboration during the Climate Summit held in April. It is expected that President Biden will use the U.N. assembly to develop closer ties with allies, strengthen partnerships with other nations and engage in discussions about how to address global issues such as climate change, the refugee crisis and promoting peace and security. He will also use the speech to mark his administration's stance on human rights and equality worldwide. The Biden administration is eager to move forward with renewed vigor, using the platform of the UN to discuss avenues for collective action on many of the world's most pressing problems and creating dialogue that is reflective of the new era of world diplomacy ahead. While this address will undoubtedly carry weight in foreign relations, it is only the first step in the process of re-establishing strong, durable ties between the United States and its allies.