“Biden Cozies Up to Influencers: Press Interviews Take a Back Seat.
President Biden has made it clear that he intends to reach out to more influencers than previous presidents. This latest move follows the old-school approach of giving fewer press interviews, but instead relying on social media to communicate his message. Though Biden has continued to speak to news organizations and has planned more formal solo press conferences, as president, he has granted fewer interviews overall than his predecessor. While some of the decrease can be attributed to the pandemic, the use of influencers was part of the strategy even before the novel coronavirus outbreak. Biden has reached out to YouTube stars, celebrity activists, and key business figures to spread his message. Coupled with his fewer press appearances, the move is a savvy one to shirk the traditional media and speak directly to the American people. Through influencers, Biden has been able to communicate closely with his target audiences on issues that matter to them. He's explained his policies and defended himself against unfair accusations. Biden has been able to engage the public in a direct and interactive way, while also settling the hearts of those in his base who were worried about his relationship with the media. Not only has Biden's strategy paid off in terms of public support, but it has allowed the Biden team to save valuable resources. Press interviews and solo pressers require professionals that the Biden campaign can simply bypass when through influencers, virtually for free. We can't ignore the fact that this approach may be hard for some to stomach. Those who prefer seeing the president on TV and who fear that Biden may be too comfortable with internet personalities are right to express concerns. It's also worth pointing to potential issues with monitoring biases among influencers and making sure that messages are being accurately and ethically delivered. However, with the right precautions in place, this new strategy could prove a successful way for President Biden to engage with his base, outside from the all-too-often hostile political world.