“Business Travel: Complicated by Abortion Bans and Anti-LGBTQ Laws
The recent surge of abortion bans and anti-LGBTQ laws across the country are creating confusion for businesses planning trips for their employees. These laws, passed in states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Ohio, present a variety of legal and ethical dilemmas that businesses must account for when planning trips. The legal risks associated with travelling to areas which may have restrictive laws on abortion or the LGBTQ community are not necessarily clear-cut. For instance, some businesses may be reluctant to fly into airports in these states, for fear of being exposed to these laws. From an economic standpoint, these groups may choose to travel to other cities in the same state–avoiding their capital city. Additionally, Employees may have concerns regarding their own safety; should they choose to travel to these states, they may have to worry about their protection from potential discriminatory laws. For instance, these laws may discriminate against individuals based on their gender, sexuality, or gender identity. Businesses must now consider safety for their employees–who may object–if they wish to travel somewhere affected by abortion or LGBTQ restrictions. Furthermore, potential violation of civil rights is another potential problem for businesses. Companies must consider whether or not the laws of the land are enforced, legal, or properly enforced in places that they may be traveling. Being found in violation of civil rights could mean huge fines or even jail time for the employee in question. The ethical implications of travelling to places with restrictive abortion and LGBTQ laws are no less important to consider. Companies must weigh whether their mission is more important than supporting laws that may be seen by the public as oppressive or unjust. It is more important than ever to consider the ethical implications of where you take your employees, as it could reflect your company’s values in the public’s eyes. To conclude, companies must remain vigilant when planning business travel in light of abortion and LGBTQ legal restrictions. Businesses must weigh the legal, ethical, and safety concerns, in order to ensure the success of their trip. Companies must also take into account public perception, as well as the potential violation of civil rights. Businesses must account for the complexity of the situation in order to make informed decisions when planning their trips.