Capturing the Voices of Hostages before Fatal Friendly Fire: Israeli Military Dogs on the Scene
Israels military is known for their difficult and dangerous missions, but a recent mission few people anticipated had them enlisting an unexpected partner to help out: a military dog. On the Idlib Provincial border in Syria, an Israeli special forces mission led to using a four-legged assistant, named Yoram, to capture images and audio of enemies on the ground that were otherwise hidden from the soldiers’ line of sight. Using infrared equipment in addition to its keen sense of smell, Yoram detected a finger movement and captured the voices of the men who were planning to cross the border and threaten Israeli forces. The mission was successful and the men were identified as potential hostages in the plan of their captures. Unfortunately, the captors were killed just days later from friendly fire, putting a dark cloud over this story. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement that praised the courage of the Israeli military forces and called the loss of life a tragedy. The use of the military dog Yoram is a unique example of how modern technology and animal intelligence can be joined together for a successful mission, and it has been met with critical acclaim from soldiers and civilians alike. This story has also given hope for future collaborations between animal intelligence, technology, and the military, possibly giving us greater insight on the security of the region – and the world as a whole – in the years to come.