Cash in on the Oil Rush: Buy When the Market Bleeds!
The age old adage of buy when there's blood in the streets is taking on a new meaning as investors are arguably flocking to a new form of gold - oil. With Petroleum prices as low as $3 per barrel in many areas across the U.S., some savvy investors are seizing the opportunity to buy in and hold onto oil, capitalizing on a discounted gold price. As many of us have seen, the fluctuation in oil prices is deep and varied. This month, the U.S. Energy Information Administration put out a January 2021 report stating the price of crude oil as of Jan. 15 was at $53.36 a barrel, down drastically from 2019's cost of $59.19/bbl close. With these prices being the lowest they have been in years, it's no wonder investors are racing to buy oil contracts, acting on the adage of buying when there's blood in the streets. But this is no pump and dump; oil is not expected to sit idle for too long under this discounted pricing. Many experts and analysts have openly discussed that despite the dips, as demand rises, so will the price of oil. A plethora of nations, including the U.S., are relying on oil to power their economies and even more are making the switch to greener, renewable energies, but this itself is going to take some time. Nothing is guaranteed of course, but some investors see oil as being a safer, more fiscally-friendly alternative to stocks - you have to do your own research, but buying in at these historic lows just key knowing that it's more or less a surefire way to make money. It won't all be immediate though as the oil industry, like so many others, has been heavily impacted by the pandemic, leaving many seasoned investors to wait patiently and play the long game. In the short-term, it may be best to at least monitor oil prices and the latest news in the oil sector before diving in too deep for those looking to get their feet wet first. For more seasoned investors, however, this is the perfect opportunity to buy up oil contracts at a fraction of their original prices and capitalize on the rebuilding of the oil market. Be wise in your investments, but don't shy away from the tried-and-true adage of buying when there's blood in the streets - speak to your financial advisors and use this time to strengthen your portfolio.