“Catching Up in Dubai: Climate Summit Tasks World with Restoring Lost Ground
As the world heads into the climate summit in Dubai, many are wary of the progress being made on the climate crisis. The 2020 summit will be the most significant of its kind since the Paris Climate Change Agreement was reached in 2016. But unfortunately, it comes at a time when global emissions are still rising, and adherence to the Agreement has largely stalled. This years summit will build upon the Paris Agreement's targets of reducing global emissions and managing global temperatures. But what makes this year's summit so important is that it follows a year of global backsliding on climate action. The Paris Agreement contains specific targets for member countries to achieve between 2020 and 2030 in order to limit global warming. But with a number of countries not meeting their obligations and emissions continuing to increase, that target remains unattainable. The main challenge for the 2020 climate summit is to offset the progress lost in 2020. The Summit is being held at the same time as the Africa Climate Week, which is being held in Nairobi, Kenya. This event brings together not only African nations but also some of the world’s biggest emitters to discuss progress on climate change. This summit is a chance for countries to show the world that they are serious about tackling the climate crisis. It will also be a chance for countries to make commitments to reduce emissions, as well as for developed countries to provide financial and technological support to developing countries. If countries can agree to policies that will help limit global warming, then the summit will be a success. Though the state of global climate action has become increasingly dire, 2020's summit presents an opportunity to make up some of the lost ground. This year's summit will need to be more ambitious than its predecessors if there is any hope for real progress. But with countries coming together to discuss how to limit global warming, and to provide both financial and technological support to underdeveloped countries, the world has ground to make up at the Climate Summit in Dubai.