“China’s Celebrity Chef Promises No More Egg Fried Rice – Nationalist Uproar Follows.
Recently one of China’s most renowned chefs has vowed to never make his famous egg fried rice dish again after a nationalist backlash. Chinese celebrity chef Peng Chang-kuei was renowned for his Hunanese-style cooking, and his creation of egg fried rice was one of his most famous dishes. However, when he recently praised Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen in a television interview, he stirred up a nationalist response from Chinese internet users. In response to the backlash, Peng stated that while he was unbothered by any criticism, he would no longer create his classic egg fried rice dish. He felt that it was no longer appropriate, given his politically charged comments. Peng’schanging his decision to stop making his egg fried rice dish has caused an uproar, leaving many unhappy fans wondering what this means for the future of Hunanese cooking. Peng Chang-kuei’s story is just another example of how politics and food can be intertwined. While Peng may have felt he needed to stop making his dish to show respect for the Chinese nationalist sentiment, his Fans have expressed disappointment with his decision. With a legacy such as Peng’s, it remains to be seen how his supporters will respond to his vow to never make egg fried rice again.