Debate Night Rumbles: Seven GOP Presidential Candidates Set to Clash!
Americans are in the thick of election season and the race for the Republican presidential nomination has been heating up, with seven GOP candidates set to debate on Wednesday night. The Republican National Committee officially recognized seven candidates for the debate: former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, former Congressman Joe Walsh, former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, current Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich, business consultant Roque De La Fuente, real estate developer Matthew Matern, and former U.S. Representative Joe Walsh. The debate, or "forum" as it has been billed on Wednesday night, will be crucial for the participating candidates to gain footing in the race as we get closer and closer to the primary. This will be the second forum taking place this election season, with the first one taking place in September. Politico has reported that the primary focus of Wednesday night's forum will be foreign policy, with candidates likely to discuss issues related to foreign trade, tariffs, and economic sanctions. The topic of immigration and possible cases for deportation are also likely to be discussed, with the candidates likely to demonstrate very different rhetoric and policies for how the United States should handle the issue. The forum comes at a time when the future of the United States appears uncertain, with the nation potentially on the brink of a recession and with conversations around the possibility of war with Iran still prevalent. With such uncertainty looming, it's of the utmost importance that the participating Republicans providing clear, concise plans on how they would maintain and strengthen our nation moving forward. While the candidates have dramatically different views from one another, it is clear that all seven stand for current President Donald Trump. But the main difference between the candidates lies in their individual approaches in terms of foreign policy. While Joe Walsh continues to endorse a policy of "America first," the other candidates have less isolationist strategies. Regardless of the potential outcome of Wednesday's forum, it's clear that the Republican Party is taking a more aggressive stance to appeal to voters for the upcoming election. From foreign policy to tariff wars to immigration policies, these seven GOP candidates are sure to bring very different views to the table on Wednesday night. It remains to be seen who will ultimately come out on top, but it's certain to be an interesting and revealing night of debates.