“Defending Univision Against Trump’s Fire: Hispanic Conservatives Stand Tall
In an unprecedented twist of events, Hispanic conservatives have come forward to defend broadcast network Univision after a prolonged suggestion that it was caring too much attention to President Donald Trump’s agenda and policies. The spat began on June 17th, when Univision aired the president’s long-awaited interview with anchor Jorge Ramos. The president’s remarks were met with backlash from many Hispanic communities across the US, leading to allegations that Univision was catering to the president’s agenda and not focusing enough on issues affecting the Hispanic community. Even the National Association of Hispanic Journalists sent out a statement accusing Univision of “rolling out the red carpet for Trump.” However, many Hispanic conservatives are now standing up in defense of the network. They argue that the interviewer, Ramos, was “tough and fair” during the exchange and that Univision was simply doing its job when it gave Trump a platform. They point out that the network also ran a series of interviews with top Democratic contenders before the June 17th exchange and that the president was not given any special treatment. The mounting criticism has only seemed to encourage these Hispanic conservatives to come together in defense of the beleaguered network. They argue that they are “taking a stand against identity politics and the demonizing of traditional media,” demanding more media organizations take pains to shed light on Latino issues without taking sides. The news of Univision’s defenders is heartening to many in the Hispanic community, who are weary of the attacks on their identity. It shows that even amid differences, the power of a shared history and culture can unite people into a collective voice of understanding and support.