Democrats Subpoena Big Money that Funds Supreme Court Justices
The Democrats on Capitol Hill have had enough of Supreme Court justices receiving gifts, money and other favors from well-heeled benefactors, and they are now taking action. In an unprecedented move, the Democrats are preparing to issue subpoenas to persons who have made substantial donations or provided other tangible benefits to the justices. The move follows a string of scandals involving Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Justice Elena Kagan and Justice Neil Gorsuch, among others. Although the exact nature of the alleged gifts and favors remain murky, the overall tenor of recent rulings regarding campaign finance and voting rights has aroused suspicion that something untoward may be going on. In response, Democratic members of Congress are seeking to shed light on the matter by compelling wealthy contributors to the justices to testify and provide details of their financial arrangements. They are hoping that the move will reveal any conflicts of interest that may have led the justices to cast controversial rulings. The Democrats also intend to pass legislation requiring greater disclosure of gifts and other benefits received by Supreme Court justices. The change would bring the Supreme Court more in line with other branches of the government, which are required to make detailed reports of how they spend their money. The Democrats’ plan to confront and unmask Supreme Court benefactors is an unprecedented and serious threat to the integrity of the Court. It should send a strong message up and down the judicial system that impartiality and justice cannot be bought or sold.