“DeSantis Confronts Trump: A Risky Move in the GOP”
As the Republican party inches closer towards the 2020 elections, GOP Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is making news for his recent comments that are considered to be harsher and more direct than before about President Trump. While DeSantis is no newcomer to commenting on the President's policies, his recent statements are setting him apart from other Republican leaders on the national stage. In a radio interview, DeSantis was asked about the President and his handling of the economy, to which DeSantis replied that policy matters far more than rhetoric and that Trump should be focused on cutting taxes and reducing regulations. DeSantis went on to add that Trump needs to look beyond the midterm elections if he wants to secure more wins for the Republican party in 2020. This is a far cry from the more tepid criticism that other Republican leaders, such as Speaker Paul Ryan, have offered. The clear and direct criticism of the President has caused some rumblings within the party. Though Governor DeSantis has refrained from offering any direct criticism on the President's rhetoric itself, his views on economic issues seems to mark a departure from those of the President's closest allies. As the election season approaches, DeSantis's vocal criticism of the President, and the advice that he has given, will likely draw more attention from both sides of the aisle and could potentially open a much-needed dialogue among Republicans about their approach to the upcoming 2020 election. It is a tough sell within the Republican party, but if there ever was a time for speaking bluntly about the President, now would be it.