“Discovering Riches: Exploring the Pacific Empire Minerals
Pacific Empire Minerals is quickly becoming the go-to mining exploration and development company for mineral resource opportunities in Asia Pacific. Founded by geologist Vince Heiermann and mining economist Steven Brill in 2009, the company has made a name for itself by staking out and developing some of the world's most promising mineral deposits in the Pacific Rim. Pacific Empire Minerals has developed mining projects in the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Samoa. Heiermann and Brill have extensive experience in mineral exploration, mining economics, project development, production and operations. They have been successful in completing numerous transactions, joint ventures, financings and alliances that have enabled offshore project development. Pacific Empire Minerals employs experienced professionals from the geosciences, geophysics, engineering, mineral exploration, and financial sectors. The company has built a network of partners to help facilitate development of the mineral resources identified in their projects. They have an extensive global reach to bring these projects to fruition and have created relationships with Indigenous communities to ensure positive interactions and outcomes with local communities. Pacific Empire Minerals has a strong commitment to safety and the environment and works with local government and agencies to make sure their projects are sustainable. The company is also an active participant in the Responsible Mining Initiative to encourage responsible mining practices in the region and beyond. Pacific Empire Minerals is a great example of a modern mining exploration and development company. Their commitment to safety and the environment, and to creating relationships with local communities, has earned them a reputation for operational excellence in the region.