Don’t Miss Out: Tavi Costa Predicts Gold Price Breakout is Inevitable!
Since late 2019, the gold price has been in a range, hovering around $1,500 level. Many investors have been wondering when the breakout will occur. According to Tavi Costa, a well-known gold analyst and fund manager, a gold price breakout is inevitable and investors shouldn't lose focus now. Costa believes that the recent drop in the gold price is due to overbought conditions and profit taking. He believes that gold's strong fundamentals are still in place and strong market forces are building that will drive the gold price to new heights. Costa says that one of the main drivers of gold's performance right now is the global macroeconomic environment. He believes that geopolitical tensions, ongoing uncertainty in the Brexit process, and other factors are all having a positive impact on the gold price. Costa is also keeping an eye on the big players in the gold market. He believes that large central banks are likely to continue buying gold as a hedge against volatility and inflation. He cites the buying of gold by the European Central Bank as an example. With all of these drivers in play, Costa believes that a breakout of the gold price is inevitable. For investors, Costa is offering an important piece of advice. Now is the time to position yourself for the breakout. He believes that gold will reach a new high in the coming months and anyone who is holding gold at current levels will be well positioned to benefit. While there are certainly risks involved with any investment, Costa believes that the potential rewards justify taking the plunge. Overall, Costa's perspective is that a gold price breakout is inevitable and now is a good time for investors to position themselves for that breakout. His advice to not lose focus is an important reminder of how critical it is to stay informed and be ready for any opportunities that may come your way.