“Egypt Caves In: First Aid Trucks Rush to Gaza After Hospital Explosion
Egypt has agreed to a last-minute deal allowing for the passage of an aid convoy from Saudi Arabia into the besieged Gaza strip. This comes in the midst of Palestinian cries for help in the wake of a devastating blast at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City that killed 27 people and injured 97 more. Egypt authorized the convoy Wednesday, just 48 hours after the explosion at the hospital. The Saudi-backed trucks are carrying dozens of medical supplies and humanitarian aid that the impoverished Palestinian people desperately need. The hospital was the result of the “Palestinian Intifada,” a popular uprising against Israel’s occupation of the Gaza strip. The blast was likely caused by a bomb dropped onto the facility as Israel’s warplanes pounded the area with airstrikes that night. In the days since the explosion at the hospital, the strain on the already over-burdened Gaza health system is reportedly becoming worse as medical personnel struggles to meet needs with a severe shortage of medical supplies and personnel. The Saudi aid convoy will bring much needed medical supplies, food and other aid to the people of Gaza. This is the first time Egypt has agreed to allow an aid convoy from Saudi Arabia into the Gaza strip in more than a decade. The agreement is a testament to the nations in the region attempting to help the people in the face of a near decade-long siege imposed by Israel in a move to limit contact between Gaza and the Palestinians living in other countries. The agreement is a positive sign that the aid needed for the Palestinians can reach them if nations are willing to work together and make sure they get the necessary assistance. This small but significant step forward toes the line between diplomatic seriousness and non-violent aid to help the people of Gaza.