“Ending Wage Inequity: Auto Workers Unite to Strike
Auto workers in the United States are doing something unprecedented in their fight for fair wages – striking for the same pay regardless of job title. The striking workers at the General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio are protesting a system of pay unequalization that has been in place for months. The workers have been locked in conflict with the company for a while now over wages, refusing to accept pay disparities across job titles doing the same job. The striking workers are demanding better wages, a higher base rate and an end to the pay inequity they’ve been facing. The wages for the same job have been vastly unequal. Senior level employees with the same job title have received higher wages for the same work than the newer hires. In addition, the workers are demanding a better healthcare plan. The current plan is said to be inadequate and unaffordable. The GM plant in Lordstown is the biggest of many auto plants in the US to see strikes in recent months. This is a sign of a growing and unified movement amongst blue-collar workers across the nation. The goal is to level the playing field and ensure that wages for the same job title are equal, regardless of seniority level. Workers are also demanding more control over their schedules and better job security. It’s clear that the auto workers are fighting for more than wage hikes, but a true shift in how they are viewed by their employer. The workers are hopeful that the strike will bring about much needed change and are committed to staying on the picket lines until their demands are met. Their fight to end the system of pay inequity is the first step towards a fairer wage system for auto workers across the US.