“Explosive Photos: Russian Navy Ship Engulfed in Flames After Ukrainian Strike in Crimea
A recent satellite image shows the Russian Navy warship Burning in the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea. The burning is a result of a Ukrainian airstrike which indicates increased tensions between the two countries. On November 27th, Ukranian Navy forces launched a barrage of strikes against the Russian warship in defense of the waters of the Crimean Peninsula. This was a response to Russian Navy forces reportedly launching a surprise raid of Ukrainian vessels operating in the Sea of Azov. The satellite images of the burning warship shows a significant fire on the surface of the seawater. It is not yet determined how many people are injured or dead. The Russian Navy has already stated that two sailors have been injured in the attack. The attack and response took place in the Kerch Strait, which is the narrowest part of the Black Sea that connects the Sea of Azov and the larger Black Sea. Though the Kerch Strait is officially considered neutral ground, both Russian and Ukrainian forces have increased their presence in the area in recent years. The increased tensions between Ukraine and Russia are not a new item; however, the direct attack against Russian forces within their own territory can be seen as a significant escalation. The satellite images of the burning Russian warship serves as a visual reminder of the ongoing power struggles between the two nations. At this time, it is unclear what if any retaliatory actions Russia will take in response to the attack on their naval forces. Much of the world waits in anticipation while at the same time hoping that full blown war does not break out in the region.