“Feeling Good About the Economy: Americans Enjoying Lower Inflation Rates
The American people have seen so much economic turmoil in recent years, but now there are signs that they are starting to feel better about the economy and inflation. According to a recent poll by Gallup, the majority of Americans now feel more optimistic about the economy and feel less concerned about inflation. The survey found that the majority of Americans believe that the economy has been improving over the past year. Despite some political turmoil and an increase in the federal debt, the majority of Americans still feel better about the economy overall. Additionally, Americans are feeling less worried about potential inflation, with only 8 percent of respondents feeling concerned about inflation rates in the next year. This is a significant shift from years past. In 2011, 40 percent of Americans were concerned about inflation, and in June 2012, over half of Americans were concerned. This shows a dramatic improvement of the public's opinion of the economic climate since then. The survey also found that Americans – both Democrats and Republicans – are united in their more optimistic outlook of the economy. This could be partially due to the fact that unemployment has stayed relatively low over the past few years and most people believe that wages will increase as the economy continues to grow. Overall, it’s clear from this survey that Americans are feeling better about the economy and inflation. This sense of optimism could be due to the relatively stable economic environment we have seen in recent years and will hopefully be sustained in the future.