“Gag Order Narrowed: Trump Jan. 6 Case Reinstated
On Monday, January 11th, Judge Amit P. Mehta of the Washington, DC federal district court reinstated Donald Trump's gag order concerning an ongoing investigation into the Capitol insurrection that occurred on January 6th. However, the judge has narrowed the scope of the gag order much more than it originally was. The original gag order was issued on January 8th and it had prevented anyone who worked for or was associated with Donald Trump from speaking to the press or media about the incident. It was issued by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Mehta originally denied a request from a media watchdog group to stop the gag order from taking effect. However, Mehta has now narrowed the scope of the gag order, ruling that it only applies to the individuals involved in the investigation, their attorneys, and the DOJ. It does not extend to any other person who was previously subject to the gag order. The ruling also states that those persons subject to the gag order must not "disseminate anything obtained in connection with the investigation that the government has not publicly disclosed." Therefore, individuals previously subject to the gag order must not speak to the media about anything related to the investigation, unless the DOJ has publicly disclosed it. Mehta's ruling did not end the fight over the gag order, as the media watchdog group has already stated their intent to appeal. Furthermore, the government has indicated that it may ask the court to reconsider the narrowed scope. However, at least for now, the scope of Trump's gag order has been narrowed.