“Haley and Ramaswamy Gain Attention, But Lack Indian American Support
Haley and Ramaaswamy have made headlines recently as being some of the few Indian-American political candidates to make a run for high-profile political offices, but sadly, have gained little support from the Indian-American community. While Haley is running for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, Ramaaswamy is running for Congress in the Virginia 8th District. The lack of support for these Indian-American candidates from the Indian-American community is alarming and disappointing. These candidates represent the future of the Indian-American community and their inclusion in mainstream politics is essential to greater inclusion of other ethnic and racial minorities in the U.S. The lack of support from the Indian-American community likely stems from a lack of awareness among Indian-Americans of these candidates. Indian-Americans tend to overwhelmingly support the Republican candidates in U.S. federal elections, and many Indian-Americans may not even be aware of these candidates since they are not from the Republican party. This lack of awareness and education about these candidates is likely preventing more Indian-Americans from supporting these candidates or even recognizing their existence in the first place. Another issue is that Indian-Americans may simply not be familiar with the issues that Haley and Ramaaswamy stand for. While Indian-Americans may be aware of their Indian ethnicity, they may not understand the issues and policies that these candidates are championing, which reduces the likelihood that Indian-Americans will actively support these candidates. Haley and Ramaaswamy have the potential to become important activists and leaders in the Indian-American community, and it is disappointing to see that these two candidates lack the necessary support from the Indian-American community that they so desperately need. If Indian-Americans were more aware of these candidates and more familiar with the issues they represent, then undoubtedly more support and awareness would be given to these two amazing Indian-American political candidates.