“How Much Is Too Much? A Look at What Lawmakers Are Spending on Security – and the Fallout.
Lawmakers are facing increasing costs to ensure that they are safe and secure while in the midst of performing their duties. Recent security measures have included bulletproof windows, barricades, and even bodyguards, and new reports suggest that the costs associated with these precautionary measures are ballooning. Spending for safety precautions has risen across the country, especially for certain legislators. For example, one congresswoman was assigned a 24/7 armed guard due to an increased threat to her safety, and the cost to protect her is a hefty $208,000. Similar levels of protection are being requested by more members of Congress, and the costs associated with it could be used to fund other causes. The need for the added securities comes from the recent deluge of hate and violent outbursts targeted at lawmakers based solely on their political beliefs. From the hostile environment at town hall meetings to the hostile body language exhibited in the House, it is clear that tensions are at an all-time high. These could be caused by multiple factors, but regardless, the safety of politicians should be ensured at all costs. While it is understandable that members of Congress need a certain level of security, the high price of it cannot be overlooked. In addition, the funds that are allotted for security measures could be used towards other causes that could benefit society instead. At the end of the day, while lawmakers' safety is of the utmost importance, it would be wise to ensure that the money spent to keep lawmakers safe outputting some tangible results as well. Whether these results are in terms of influencing legislation or being used to fund other causes, the money used to ensure the safety of congress ought to produce meaningful results in the long run.