in November “Ralph Nader Revs Up For Biden: Ready To Help Make A Victory In November”!
Ralph Nader, the renowned consumer protection advocate and political activist, is taking a cautious stance in response to President Trump's recent offer to help Joe Biden win the election in November. In a statement released on Monday, Nader made it clear that any help from Trump would not be welcome. “An offer of assistance from Donald Trump would be like having a hotbed of foxes offering to guard the henhouse," he said firmly. Nader went on to point out that the President's record on protecting consumer rights and regulating big businesses has been abysmal. “Trump has an outrageous record of filling his cabinets with corporate polluters, appointing anti-consumer judges, and bending the rules to benefit big businesses and the wealthy,” Nader said. “It would be foolish to trust the President and his advisers to work on behalf of the American people.” In addition, Nader believes that Biden would be wise to look elsewhere for help, urging the former vice president to court the support of populist movements and independent voices rather than relying on the President. “Trump has proven himself to be an irresponsible and unethical executive,” Nader said. “Joe Biden should think twice before relying on the help of someone who has so consistently cheated his way through the past four years.” It’s clear that Nader is wary of Trump’s proposition to help Biden, and he is encouraging the former vice president to look to other sources of support to ensure that he is victorious in November.