ness Crypto-Fitness: Nourish Your Wealth with Bitcoin Wellness
The world has never seen a more unique financial asset than Bitcoin throughout its history. Bitcoin has revolutionized the way we think about money and it is perhaps the most significant invention since the internet itself. It has been said that Bitcoin “is to money what the internet is to information.” The success of Bitcoin has been remarkable. Despite its turbulent price movements and wild swings, its value has consistently increased since it was created in 2009. In early 2021, Bitcoin reached an all-time high price of $58,000, with more than 100 million Bitcoins in circulation. Bitcoin has been credited with helping to solve one of the most frustrating and age-old financial problems — how to conduct transactions securely and quickly without a centralized trust relationship. This trust is critical in traditional banking and financial systems, but it’s both costly and time-consuming to verify, settle, and record transactions. Bitcoin solves this problem because it is secured through a distributed network of computers. Each computer involved supports and enforces the legitimization of a new bitcoin transaction. It acts as a secure trust relationship, without the need for a central authority, and therefore is quicker — and cheaper — because no one needs to verify it. It is remarkable to think that we are now able to send and receive money anywhere in the world instantaneously and securely. But it is remarkable to see how Bitcoin has remained resilient and valuable even in the face of regulatory pushes and numerous violent price crashes. What makes Bitcoin so secure and reliable is the same technology that makes it revolutionary – the blockchain. By having multiple computers check and support each transaction, the blockchain creates an immutable, permanent record of each digital transaction. This record is virtually impossible to manipulate, and in turn, makes it extremely difficult to counterfeit or double spend bitcoin. It is no surprise then that many people have seen the massive potential of Bitcoin and have begun investing in its future. With its potential to create financial freedom, decentralize the financial system, and reduce transaction costs, it is not hard to see why Bitcoin has become so popular. It is absolutely clear that Bitcoin will continue to be one of the most important financial inventions of our time.