“Nikki Haley ‘Gets Kamala-fied’ in the Presidential Race!
Former U.S. ambassador Nikki Haley has recently weighed in on the 2020 Presidential race, and her message is clear: the election should be about Kamala Harris. Haley, a staunch Donald Trump loyalist and the former governor of South Carolina, has publicly backed Harris as a top choice for the 2020 election. In an editorial published in The Hill, Haley argued that Harris is the candidate who is best positioned to beat the president in November. "Kamala Harris will be the candidate who can make a strong, consistent argument based on her record and her values for why the Trump agenda failed America and why a new agenda of President Kamala will set us on a better course," Haley wrote. By tapping into the energy and enthusiasm of the current generation, Haley argued, Harris is capable "of bringing together an unlikely coalition of voters who will take the nation into a new bold and prosperous future." Harris, the junior senator from California, has been gaining momentum in the 2020 presidential race. With an African-American, Indian-American, and Jamaican-American heritage, she has appealed to many diverse groups of people.Her stances on social justice, immigration reform, health care, and foreign policy are also seen as appealing to many voters. Haley voiced her support for Harris in a tweet, noting the importance of a unified voter base to displace Trump. “Kamala Harris has the best chance to build the largest winning coalition in November 2020,” she wrote. “She’s got what it takes to make the election about the future, not about who we don’t want in the White House.” Haley's endorsement of Harris is a significant one given her high-profile position and close ties to the president. As such, it will be wise for those looking for an alternative to the current administration to keep an eye on Harris as the November election draws nearer.