“Panda Power: China & US Unite in Friendship Through Furry Envoys!
Xi Jinping, China's President, has recently hinted that in the near future, China is open to the idea of sending a new group of Giant Pandas as envoys of peace to the United States of America. Panda diplomacy has a long history between China and the United States dating back to 18th Century, during which time the comic gift of Giant Pandas was seen as a gesture of goodwill. In recent decades, various zoos across the United States have held loaned pandas from China, with mixed success in their successful breeding. President Xi’s suggestion marks the latest stage in the ‘Pandas for Peace’ diplomatic relationship between the two in an effort to strengthen ties. China’s Director of the Research Center for Chinese Borderland History and Geography, Mu Xinrong, has suggested that the plan for new Panda envoys, “reflects the new strategic thinking of the Chinese government on improvement of international relations.” As China looks to strengthen its relationship with the United States, sending its creature mascots as peace envoys looks set to revive an old diplomatic tradition. Pandas remain a powerful symbol of peace and connection between the two countries, and offer the potential for further collaboration. Time will tell if the promise of new panda envoys will live up to its expectations.