“Pardoning Trump? DeSantis and Haley’s Surprising Promise!
In a stunning move, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley have both announced their plans to pardon President Donald Trump if he is ever convicted of charges related to his tenure in office. The two governors, who are prominent Republicans, said their action was to ensure that the 45th President of the United States does not suffer from a “politically-motivated witch hunt.” The pledge from the two states’ governors comes amid ongoing investigations into President Trump, including those looking into whether he obstructed justice or violated campaign finance laws. Though the President has denied any wrongdoing, the Department of Justice is currently weighing charges against him, and a conviction could result in the president being subject to criminal penalties. Governor DeSantis was the first to announce his motion to pardon the president in the event of a conviction. In a statement, he argued that “justice should be blind to politics” and that no individual should be punished for exercising their political beliefs. Governor Haley then followed up with her own statement, indicating that she too was committing to pardon the president. The two governors’ joint announcement is sure to be met with criticism, as many view their pledge as a show of political favoritism. Critics of the President will likely point out how quickly the governors went to his defense, and suggest that they acted out of self-interest rather than out of a genuine belief in justice for all. Still, there’s no guarantee that their motion to pardon President Trump will ever come into play. The Department of Justice will likely conclude their investigation before any criminal charges may be brought against the president, and the likelihood of him being convicted is extremely slim, due to the legal protections afforded to him by his position. That said, the two governors’ move is a bold show of political support at a time when the Trump presidency faces its greatest challenge.