Project “Uncovering Buried Treasure: Brunswick Exploration Finds Significant Spodumene Mineralization in Dyke Swarm at Mirage Project
The Canadian-based firm Brunswick Exploration has announced exceptional results from a series of recent drill tests at their Mirage project in particular intersecting a significant spodumene mineralization within a new and previously unidentified dyke swarm. The laboratory results from the exploration program indicate that the mineralization was of exceptional quality, with spodumene deposits found to be several meters thick throughout the dykes. In addition, preliminary results from assays into the mineral samples have also revealed high concentrations of potassium, lithium, and other elements, indicating that the quality of the mineralization is of a very appropriate type for industrial uses. The drill results and the analyses of the samples offer a strong indication that there is considerable potential for the Mirage project to contain significant amounts of high-grade spodumene. With further exploration and drilling the potential for larger ore bodies is, therefore, enhanced. The Mirage project is located in the MacGillivray Lake area of Newfoundland, and is a recent addition to Brunswick Explorations portfolio, having been acquired by the firm in 2019. As things stand, the drill results have confirmed that there are vast mineral deposits present in the area, and Brunswick Exploration is eager to build on this information. With spodumene having a range of industrial uses in the production of lithium, this mineralization should bring considerable excitement to the firm. Not only is spodumene a potentially commercially viable product, but its presence at the site has also opened the potential for further exploration into other minerals in the vicinity, such as rubidium, selenium, and both rare and dense earth metals. The Mirage project has already presented itself as a potentially lucrative asset for Brunswick Exploration, and the news of this recent spodumene mineralization should further add to the appeal of the project. It is therefore likely that the firm will focus their attention here in the near future, in an effort to make the site their next successful venture.