Ready for Lift-off: New Hampshire City Quadruples Chipmaking for Fighter Jets
The city of Conway, New Hampshire is looking to ramp up chip production for the US military's most advanced fighter weaponry. The city's Lieberman Technologies is ready to quadruple its production lines and cater to the growing demands of battlefield equipment. Going the extra mile, the firm is investing in facilities and labour to allow it to process low temperature polysilicon which is essential in making superior chips for computation, memory, and other technologies for jet fighter aircraft. This new process is more efficient than its more traditional methods, and will save the military money on both construction and production costs. The production process will take place at a high-tech production facility located in north-central New Hampshire. With 24,000-square-feet of production space, the facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the most modern semiconductor production technologies. The plant will employ around 150 semi-skilled and highly specialized technicians who will focus on fabricating the chips for the US military’s jet fighter aircraft. The team will then collaborate with the military and other major defense contractors to ensure the affairs whilst testing and ensuring that each chip meets the military’s exacting standards. The chipmaking plant will prove to be an immense boost for the defense industry, while also providing much-needed employment in an area of geographical isolation. The new setup will also benefit the US military which will be able to equip its military aircraft with even more advanced electronics due to the improved capabilities of the chips produced in the new facility. Overall, the project in Conway, New Hampshire is an ambitious and important one for the US military and defense industry alike. The increased capability of the chips being produced will contribute to the success of the US military’s most advanced fighter jets while at the same providing employment and boosting the economy of New Hampshire.