“Record-Breaking Job Growth in November: US Unemployment Rate Plummets to 3.7%
The U.S. has added an impressive 199,000 jobs in November, pushing down the unemployment rate to 3.7%. This is a promising sign that the economy is healthy and growing despite obstacles such as tariffs and global trade tensions. According to the Labor Department, the job growth in November was slightly lower than October, but widespread gains were seen in the manufacturing sector as well as education and health services. This is great news for those looking to find or switch jobs, as industries are actively hiring and investing in their employees through training and development. Furthermore, this number is 5% higher than what was projected. The unemployment rate reported by the government fell to 3.7%, the sixth consecutive month that it has declined since rising to 4.1% in April. This number is at its lowest point since 1969, further proving the strength of the U.S. job market. This steady job growth is one of many indicators that the U.S. economy is in a well-balanced recovery mode. An increasing GDP, higher consumer spending, and more optimism for economic growth add to these positive figures. The U.S. has created approximately 2.7 million jobs during 2018 and it is expected that the job market will remain healthy through 2019. Although uncertain times still lie ahead, these numbers reassure that the U.S. economy is strong and that it is creating jobs despite various economic and political obstacles.