“Republican Revolution: Candidates Take Charge of Presidential Debates
The Republican Party is taking an unprecedented step in freeing up the 2020 presidential candidates from the traditional party hold of organizing and hosting debates. In a move never before seen before in party circles, the Republicans are allowing individual candidates to organize and carry out their own presidential debates. The decision comes in response to President Donald Trump's refusal to participate in any debates until the November election, and is meant to protect the party from a disruption in its plans. Many have applauded the party's bold decision, noting that it sends a powerful message to Trump that the party will no longer tolerate his meddling in its presidential cycle. At the same time, some have expressed skepticism about the party's true motives, calling it a strategic move to give more control to the individual candidates rather than the party. While it is true that the move will probably undermine some of the party's unified messaging, supporters of the decision believe that it will open up the floor to more meaningful debates, where candidates will be forced to answer more difficult questions from those they are running against, as opposed to the scripted questions from the traditional debates. Finally, while the move has been hailed as an empowering example of taking the power back from the party and into the hands of the candidates, all eyes will be on how well it actually plays out. After all, the same party that approved this plan will also likely be in charge of policing it, so it remains to be seen whether this will actually be a step forward or if it will backfire expensively. Regardless, the Republican Party's decision is a daring example of shaking up the status quo in presidential campaigns and could be a game-changer for 2020 and beyond. Furthermore, it shows that the party is willing to listen to the demands of the public, and is willing to take the risk of shaking up entrenched ways of doing things in order to find a better way for every American.