Rhino Rampage in Austria: Zookeeper Killed, Second Injured
In a recent, tragic event, a rhino in the Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria has killed one zookeeper and seriously injured another. The incident occurred earlier this month, on January 1st, 2021. The rhino, an African white rhino, was first spotted shortly before the incident when it turned up unannounced at the edge of the zoo’s compound in an aggressive behavior. Having been familiar with the animal, the staff went on to steer the rhino away from residents’ houses nearby using blindfolding and stroking technique. While it worked initially and the rhino started to move back to the zoo, the animal suddenly changed its direction and started to charge towards the zookeepers in the area, immediately killing one and injuring another. Fortunately, the serious injury on the second zookeepers did not cost his life. The attack was sudden and unexpected, as the Schoenbrunn Zoo had no prior reports of any aggressive behavior from the rhino. Authorities have speculated the cause of the incident as possibly being a reaction to some unknown stimulus. The veterinarian present at the scene stated that they were unable to determine the cause due to the aggression of the animal. The event in Austria has caused quite the shockwaves in the global zoological community, with many zoos all over the world introducing enhanced safety protocols and reviews to avoid a similar incident. It is a tragedy for the zoo and its staff, and the condolences for the deceased and injured zookeepers come from the entire world.