“Sam Altman Brings OpenAI Vision to Microsoft on AI Journey
Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sam Altman has recently joined Microsoft in a senior leadership role to head up a new project focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The move comes after Altman's recent ouster from OpenAI, a research group he co-founded in 2015, which develops deep learning algorithms and technologies to make machines smarter. Altman's background in entrepreneurship and technology has made him an ideal candidate to take the lead on Microsoft's venture into AI. He was well-known in Silicon Valley as the President of Y Combinator, the starter accelerator program, and as a venture capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz. At Microsoft, Altman will be heading up a research group focused on conversational AI and natural language processing. Microsoft's new AI project comes on the heels of OpenAI's recent decision to dispense with their experimentation on unsupervised learning, which Altman described as an "unsustainable" solution. OpenAI abandoned their project due to the tremendous amount of money and resources required to continue their research. Microsoft is entering the field of AI at a critical time, considering the tremendous competition from existing giants such as Google, Apple, and Amazon. Despite his ouster from OpenAI, Altman's strong background in technology and entrepreneurship make him an ideal choice for leading this new project for Microsoft. With close to a decade of experience under his belt, Altman is well-placed to lead the initiative and turn Microsoft into an AI powerhouse. AI is an imminent technology and Microsoft is taking the right steps towards becoming a significant player in the field now and in the future.