“Say Goodbye to This Beloved New Year’s Eve Pop: Will Changing Weather Spell its End?
Every year, New Years Eve is celebrated in popular part with a certain type of pop: champagne. Champagne is a beloved alcoholic beverage that brings friends and family together as they clink glasses and toast to the new year. However, due to changing weather patterns, this beloved New Years Eve pop could soon disappear. The sparkling bubbly beverage is made from a specific type of grapes grown in the Champagne region of France. Because of this, warming temperatures make it difficult to grow such grapes in this region. Since the start of the 20th century, temperatures have been steadily rising in the region. This has caused a decrease in the amount of grapes being grown, and a subsequent decrease in the amount of champagne produced in the region. Warming temperatures also produce a higher risk for extreme weather events such as hailstorms and damaging wind. These events can wipe out entire grape crops. The risk of such weather events occurring have been increasing over the years, making it increasingly difficult for grape farmers to predict and plan for the consequences. In addition to changing temperatures, new diseases and pests have been popping up in the region. These pests have been destructive to the grapes in the region, making them nearly impossible to grow without special treatments. All of these factors combined have meant a decrease in the amount of champagne being produced in the region. The reality is that if these issues are not addressed, we could soon see a decrease in the amount of champagne available worldwide. This beloved New Years Eve pop could soon disappear, leaving many disappointed on New Year’s Day. It is important for us to address these issues now, or else the sparkling bubbly beverage that brings us joy could soon be a thing of the past.